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What is 

Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing is not about just using a pleasant fragrance at your place. It is about creating a signature scent that is associated with your brand, helping you to make a strong bond with your customers, and by time, that scent will be a part of your company’s brand identity

At Scent World, we help companies and brands to create their unique scents, and we believe that scents are as important as the company’s name and logo. Those visuals target the eyes of the customer, while scent marketing targets the nose.

What is Scent Marketing?

“Visuals catch attention...

Scents catch hearts”

Scent World Flower Arrangements

With scents, you will be able to control customer’s emotions, memories and even purchasing will by taking advantage of the strengths of smell sense. You can also use scents at your workplace to increase productivity and goodwill among your team members.

We can help you know what scent best suits your business in order to get perfect results and deliver that scent with our great unlimited services.

Boost your sales

Using scent marketing at your store can increase purchase operations by high levels.

Additionally, spreading some nice smell in the place will not only attract customers to buy more, it will also encourage them to stay longer time.


We will give your customers a good reason to love your workplace.

Scent World Flower Bag
Scent World Cactus Plant

Create a Brand Image

Ever knew that people can relate a scent to a memory accurately within 12 months. That means your customers will recognize a smell with your brand image and recall it when they smell it later.


Scents can help you create an experience associated with your brand and softly influence a customer’s view of it. It can also affect the customer’s approach to quality.

Workplace Procedures

Regardless of your workplace and business type, what is most important is the overall feeling that your customers will receive and that usually defines their final opinion about your service.


There are special products that can “freshen-up” the scent of your place, which can often lead to positive customer impact regarding the time spent during their visit.

Scent World Work Desk
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