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Monthly subscription Plan



One Day Test



Refill Fragrance 

Our great deal for commercial uses,

you can benefit from monthly subscription plans, we will provide you with a scent dispenser device installed and fragrance refilled regularly.

The process of our Subscription Scenting Service is very simple, we can guide you through every step of the way. All you need to do is:

  1. Make an appointment: at your convenient time, meet an expert from our team. Ask all your questions and get advice about the best application for your place. Make an appointment now and we will get in touch with you soon.

  2. Try it out: from a wide range of options, choose your fragrance and get a one-day FREE trial. we will make all needed installations and give you the chance to experience the power of scents. After completing your trial; have we got your attention now? Let's talk business!

  3. Let's talk business: now is the time to decide your future plan, fragrances, and devices to be installed at your place. Our experts will install the devices and guide you through all steps to run and configure the system and find out how simple it is. All related documents will be then delivered to you hoping to meet again in your next scheduled service or refill time.

Pink Flowers Illustration
Pink Flowers Illustration

Special scents will get your business recognized and let you stand out from your competitors

How can we help?

Our first priority is our clients and their customers. We trust in our product and keep to the highest standards. That is why we offer amazing solutions and support to different types of brands and business lines. In short, No matter what your business is, you can count on us.

White Lillies

In addition to ready solutions provided by Scent World, we can also help you to create the ultimate scent experience of your business, just the way you like.
Special scents that are designed and tailored to cover specific needs of yours, you will get something unique that is only yours.

Create your own tailored solution and enhance your brand quality


 Hospitals and   Clinics 


 Sport Salons,   Gyms, and Spas 


 Malls and   Shopping Places 


 Hotels and   Resorts 


 Restaurants and   Food Services 

Business Meeting


 Other Businesses 


 Offices and   Workplaces 


 Halls and   Conference Rooms 

Because different kind of businesses needs different impressions, with your participation, our consultants will conduct a study to find the best suit for your business and start the production of scents you will love.

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