Scent World Mini Device A07

Scent World Mini Device A07


Scent World Mini Device A07

improve a sense of ritual for a fefined fragrant living.


the device will come with 6 different fragrance (4ml) 


it is so mini that you can use on every where that you wont 



  • Information:

    Dimention: 94*2631mm

    Marital           pp 

    Power: Battery 1.0-1.5V

    Bottle capacity: 4ml

    Refill bott

  • Installation


    √ Mount to the wall

    √ Tabletop placement

    √ carry it on bag

    √  closet


  • Advantages:

    • Nanometer practicles
    • 6 unique fra
    • Rechargeable battery 🔋 
    • Fast Charging 
    • Easy to carry
    • USB Type C
    • njoy pleasant fragrance experience every where.