Scent World C250

Scent World C250

Cinema, shopping mall, hotel, conference, spa, salon, shop, company, and exhibition center, have you ever smelled something a Like?

Scent World machines contain a timer for three working periods settings. The atomized grade is adjustable. All the programs are for humanized use.

  • Information

    Input voltage: AC100V-240V

    Power: 8W

    Bottle capacity: 500ml

    Net Weight: 3.55kg

    Oil Consumption: 0.35ml/h-2.3ml/h

    Coverage: 400㎡

  • Installation

    √Connect with HVAC

    √Mount to the wall

    √Tabletop placement

    ×Ceiling suspended

  • Advantage

    Long lifetime

    Version 3.0

    Seveal working periods 

    Bloutooth control system

    Nanometer particles

    Safe lock desigen