Scent World C002

Scent World C002

A price friendly but high-quality scent machine Scent World C002 contribute excellently to the conference room, cafeteria, exhibition in scenting. Anywhere you won't scent experience and a machine with monitor window of the fragrance.

  • Information:

    Input voltage: 12V

    Power: 6W

    Bottle capacity: 200ml

    Net Weight: 1.1kg

    Oil Consumption: 0.15ml/h-0.8ml/h

    Coverage: 400m³

  • Iinstallation:

    ×Connect with HVAC

    √Mount to the wall

    √Tabletop placement

    ×Ceiling suspended

  • Advantage:



    Easily install

    Nanometer particles

    Safe lock design

    Monitor window