Scent World H1

Scent World H1

Have you ever got back to a scene which happened long time ago because of a familiar smell? Do you believe scent branding? 
Scent World H1 could help you create your own scent atmosphere. 

Flexible used and easy installation help scenting your location even the corner.

  • Information:

    Dimention: 146*156*58mm
    Input voltage: 2V

    Power: Battery 3-1.5V

    Bottle capacity: 100ml

    Net Weight: 600g

    Oil Consumption: 0.4ml/h

    Coverage: 120m³ (4200ft³)

  • Installation:

    √ Mount to the wall

    √ Tabletop placement

  • Advantages:

    • Nanometer practicles
    • Safe lock design 
    • supper silence
    • Battery power
    • Low battery alarm
    • Wirless power
    • Enjoy pleasant fragrance experience every where.
    • Bloutooth control system achives long distance programming.